You'll see that I often work with themes - as do many artists. Occasionally ideas for new projects do tumble out of nowhere, almost full-blown... and then I'm off on a tangent! It seems that I bounce between styles as well as preferred mediums. Besides drawing, painting and sculpting, I make jewelry from metal as well as glass.Rhonda C. Bristol - Art Teacher


'I love bright, vibrant color. I 'feel' color and it is easy to tell by my palette just how I relate to sunlight, carnivals and Carribean culture'.

Clay Mask

"I live my art and teach as well. I dare. I dream and I do createI am a painter and a printmaker. Clay is my favorite medium."
'People's faces and body language still fascinate and intrigue me. I will always remain a portrait painter at heart. I used to sketch people in N.Y's Greenich Village, after graduating from Boston University- School of the Arts, and really learned my craft there, while learning to draw quickly. I developed a thicker skin and a in-your-face/can-do attitude'.


"Sing Till The Power Of The Lord Comes Down"

'I have to create. I have to problem solve and remain open to new approaches. I don't have time to be bored'.

Original drawing by Rhonda